A campaign to raise awareness about the real impact of itch for people with psoriasis.

This piece of itch art was inspired by words submitted by psoriasis bloggers. Imagine what artwork your itch words could inspire!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the ‘Life’s an Itch’ online questionnaire.

In response to the questionnaire findings, the Psoriasis Association, Celgene and the British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG) have launched the Itch Discussion Tool to help improve conversations between healthcare professionals and people with psoriasis.

Inspired by words that people with psoriasis use to describe their itch, a number of artists, representing different genres, were also commissioned to create bespoke art as part of an Itch Gallery.

Please help the ‘Life’s an Itch’ campaign reach far and wide.

Spread the word amongst your family and friends!